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This post will review Learn Ventriloquism the new comprehensive online course by Tom Crowl.

1. Introduction

Charlie McCarthy & Edgar BergenVentriloquist Jeff Dunham is the largest grossing comedy act in the world. The hit musical Avenue Q has notched up 2,534 performances on Broadway and The Muppets are back on the big screen. There is absolutely no doubt about it …

Puppets are making all the headlines these days!

Ventriloquism is the magical art of illusion that touches upon the child within all of us. A ventriloquist performer will seemingly bring inanimate objects to life right before our very eyes.

Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen shot to fame in the 1940′s with his puppet characters Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. He entertained audiences for decades and is still an inspiration to this day.

Ventriloquists are once again becoming household names and globally, ventriloquism is the hottest form of variety entertainment in the world today. If you have enjoyed a performance by a ventriloquist and wish you could learn those secret skills you’re in the right place and I have some great news … now you can!

Learn Ventriloquism with Tom Crowl, is an innovative online learning program that guides you step by step through the process of learning how to be a ventriloquist. As you may have guessed, I am very excited about the course and I believe that it is the most comprehensive course on the subject of Ventriloquism that has ever been created.

Please Note : This is my personal review of the Learn Ventriloquism course.

2. Video Review

3. The Traditional Learning Methods

Historically, learning the art of Ventriloquism has been very difficult if not impossible. Ventriloquist performers traditionally have tried to keep learning the art a secret so much to the point that many people still believe you need to be born with a double throat to be able to perform ventriloquism.

Lessons in Ventriloquism - Edgar BergenWhen learning materials have been released in the past they have usually been hard to understand or follow due to the delivery method’s that were available at the time. An example of this is the vinyl record “Lessons in Ventriloquism” by Edgar Bergen.

Many people have tried to learn the art using ventriloquism books or articles from the Internet. Although there are many great materials on the subject, learning from a book can be difficult as many of the techniques used are difficult to describe in print.

As an example we have tried to cover the subject in our article » How to be a Ventriloquist.

You can try to learn ventriloquism from an audio CD but just like the Vinyl record, you will lose important visual representations. If you try to learn from a Ventriloquism DVD the chances are you are getting a high level view of all the skills that are required to create and deliver a successful ventriloquist show.

The Internet is a great resource for finding learning materials, but I cannot begin to tell you how many poor tutorials I have seen on YouTube. Learning a complex skill such as ventriloquism combines many different techniques and takes time to learn. Like I said, I won’t begin to tell you how many video clips I have watched from arm chair ventriloquists on You Tube, what I will tell you is don’t waste your time watching them too!

What you really need to successfully learn ventriloquism is all the methods stated above, ideally in one place and for these to be explained in detail by a professional. In addition to this, you need a way to have the materials presented to you in such a way that encourages you to actively practise and master each stage before moving on to the next stage.

What Tom Croyle has done is made use of the Internet as a technology to combine and deliver these essential learning materials in the right format and at the right pace. Your member’s area will contain all the materials you need to support your development and this leaves you free to just concentrate on learning.

Thanks to Tom Croyle and the Internet – There is now a better way to Learn Ventriloquism Online.

4. About The Course

Learn VentriloquismLearn Ventriloquism is an online course that has been designed to teach an aspiring student the complete range of skills needed to perform as a ventriloquist.

Within the virtual course, professional comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl takes you step by step through every stage of learning how to be a ventriloquist.

Taking the course is like getting private lessons with a professional ventriloquist coach at the fraction of the cost.

Learn ventriloquism is a new concept for learning how to be a ventriloquist and is the most comprehensive course I have ever seen. It combines the benefits of learning from audio, visual and printed materials and delivers these from one central location that you can easily access :- Your Membership Area.

During the course you will receive …

  • Video Lessons
  • Written Instructions
  • Professional Tips
  • Homework Assignments
  • Practice Sessions

Students are also given access to a member’s only forum where you can ask any questions you may have and ventriloquists will respond helping you to overcome any problem areas. In total there are 36 High Definition Video Tutorials that guide you through everything you need to learn about ventriloquism.

The course starts by teaching the prospective student how to regulate their breathing and increase their lung capacity. This is an essential skill that is overlooked by most courses I have previously undertaken. What many people fail to recognise is that as a ventriloquist you will be talking for a minimum of two people throughout your performance and like a singer, regulating your breathing is an essential skill to learn.

Screenshot - Learn Ventriloquism : Membership AreaScreenshot Learn Ventriloquism Members Area : Lesson 6 > Proper Ventriloquist Mouth Position

Learn Ventriloquism covers everything you need to learn to perform confidently as a ventriloquist. This includes; tongue exercises, puppets, voices, lip control, pronouncing labial consonants, scripts and creating a show.

What really makes this course different from any other is the entire course is time released, which gives the student a chance to learn and perfect each skill before moving on to the next lesson. This I believe is a critical factor for success in learning the art of ventriloquism. What Tom Crowl really cares about is his students learning the skills to become competent ventriloquists. With other courses the student usually skips ahead before they are ready and this ultimately leads to inevitable failure. Tom has identified and resolved this problem with his time released lessons, which I think are brilliant.

Once you have signed up for the course you will receive an email each day notifying you that the next instalment of your course is available from within your membership area. Learning ventriloquism has never been so easy.

5. Meet The Tutor

Tom Crowl : VentriloquistTom Crowl is a comedy ventriloquist with almost 30 years professional entertainment experience. Tom is often recognised for his appearances on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as well as his performances from corporate events and resorts from around the world.

Prior to launching his solo career, Tom spent 14 years performing as a duo with his wife, Dierdre. Throughout the years Tom has had the pleasure of working within a vast range of environments and has been the featured opener for many recognized and high profile acts around the world.

Tom Crowl is a published author and his ventriloquism act has been captured on DVD in “Tom Crowl Alone Again Un-Naturally”.

Throughout the course Learn Ventriloquism, Tom Crowl guides you through each stage of the learning process giving clear and valuable lessons in high definition video. His teaching is fun yet thorough and you will certainly benefit by learning from one of the best professional ventriloquists in the world today.

6. Take a Sneak Peek

7. Course Testimonials

Learn Ventriloquism : Neale Bacon“I loved Tom’s course! There is nothing like this out there. Beginners will learn the art of ventriloquism properly from the ground up, and experienced vents will be able to refresh their basics. With the extras and bonuses, Tom is offering a real valuable resource to the vent community and beyond!”

Neale Bacon – Neale Bacon and His Crazy Critters



Learn Ventriloquism : David Crone“This is a great course… You have done a fantastic job of capturing what is difficult to describe. Well thought out. Well presented.”

David Crone – I’mNoDummy Productions

8. What’s The Cost

I have no doubt that you are thinking this looks like a great course but you are probably also thinking … “Ok, so how much is this going to cost me?”

Well the cost for the whole course is Only $97. That is less than the cost of one private lesson with a professional ventriloquist. I know because I offer private one-on-one tuition to clients and I am amazed at the price Tom is offering this course for.

In addition to the very reasonable cost, at first you pay nothing! Tom does not want you to pay anything at all to try his course. That’s right … It costs nothing to sign up and try the course and Tom is willing to give you the First 5 Lessons completely for Free!

So you have absolutely nothing at all to lose. Just sign up for the Learn Ventriloquism course for FREE & take it for a test drive to see what you think – it really is as simple as that!

After signing up for the course, here are the five lessons you will receive completely for free:

  1. Breathing
  2. Tongue Exercises
  3. Puppets
  4. Voices
  5. Vocal Expression

9. Conclusion

Learn Ventriloquism with Tom Crowl is not only a brand new technology for learning the secret art of ventriloquism it is also the most comprehensive guide that I have ever seen. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it out there.

When I started learning ventriloquism (about me) there was nothing like the course Tom has put together for you. My initial learning effort was from books and DVD’s that I had purchased. I then progressed to searching the Internet to find tutorials that would fill in the blanks. Learning ventriloquism this way is a tough uphill and at times, lonely struggle. At the point of giving up, I eventually decided to pay for private one-on-one tuition from a professional ventriloquist.

Learn Ventriloquism with Tom Crowl can and will dramatically reduce your learning curve by providing the very best tuition from a world renowned professional ventriloquist. What makes Tom’s course so different to many other learning methods are:

  • The course successfully combines audio, visual and textual learning materials
  • All your learning materials are accessible in one place :- Your Membership Dashboard
  • The whole course is “Time Delivered” which means you get time to practise each stage
  • You receive support by a community of professional ventriloquists within the member only forum
  • Tom Crowl is a professional ventriloquist not an arm chair YouTube up-loader

As you may have guessed, I am very excited about the course and the benefit it provides for the ventriloquist community benefiting both beginner & experienced ventriloquists.

Ventriloquism is getting more and more popular and whether your aim is to entertain your family and friends or whether you aspire to be the next Jeff Dunham, Learn Ventriloquism can and will dramatically reduce your learning curve and help you to achieve your dream.

Good luck with your learning journey and I hope you get as much fun out of learning ventriloquism as I have had.

10. Any Questions? Contact Me

I am a full member for the Learn Ventriloquism Course so if you have any questions or enquiries about the course please feel free to contact me using any of the methods below:

11. Recommended Further Reading

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